Installation Steam Problem & Rectification Warning

The Steam Bath is a totaly different from of bathing. A steam generator located outside the steam room it self-produces clouds of soothing steam in which to bath. The 100% humidity mean that, for most people, the bathing temperature is most comfortable at around 400C-450C. Limit bathing timing to 10 -15 minutes. Drink plenty of water before and after the steam bath to replace fluids lost during bathing. The sweet glands can secrete up to 0.5 liters of sweat per minute. It is a detoxifying process ridding the body of unwanted toxins. The main thing to remember is to enjoy the process. Do not push your body beyond its comfort levels. The point is not to “sweet is out” the longest, but to allow your mind and body to luxuriate in this health-enhancing bath.


1. The heat created widens veins and blood vessels, thus increasing blood circulation and not blood pressure.
2. Steam inhalation is effective in alleviating respiratory illness like sinusitis bronchitis, asthma, common cold & allergies.
3. The Steam generated opens the pores of the skin and sweating expels accumulated toxins and metabolic wastes from the body thus leaving the skin with a luminous glow.
4. Eases tense & cramped muscles by increasing the blood flow to every part of the body.
5. Reduces fat by increasing body metabolism thereby burning more calories.
6. Equivalent to physical exercise in terms of health benefits since it helps in increasing both the heart rate & oxygen intake.
7. Steam is therapeutic in nature as it boosts the immune system by increasing body temperature and in turn the white blood cells in the body.
8. Cleanse bronchial tubes in the body thus elinates congestion.


Reduce Fat
- Increases blood circulation
- Improves skin
- Boost immune system


1. Steam Delivery 3/4”
2. Water Intlet 1/2”
3. Pressure Relief Value 11/2”
4. Drain 1/2”
5. Main Power Line 230 or 430 (Volts)
6. On/Off Switch (Auto Mode w/o Control Panel)


1. Connect Point to the Steam Delivery Line, which is connected to Steam Room. (1+B)
2. Connect Point to the water level, which comes from main water line. (2+A)
3. Pressure Relief Value to release the pressure developed in the vessel. (Safety Purpose)
4. Connect Point to the Steam Drain Line, which is connected to drain. (4+C)
5. Connect three-pin top to 16 Amp socket. (5+ Main Power Line)

Steam Trouble

1. In on condition Cold Water coming from Steam Line.
2. In off condition Cold Water coming from Steam Line.
3. Taking Time to release steam.
4. Pressure drop in steam room.
5. Total Shut Down Steam unit not working.
6. Check Timer
7. Check Temperature
8. In on condition hot water coming from Steam Line.


Drain Button
Cleaning of Solenoid Vale.
Main inlet line chocked up.
Check water Heater.
Check Main Supply.
Cleaning of Solenoid Vale.

Note: If any problem Contact to the Company.

Warning: The use of Alcohol, Drugs, or Medication can greatly increase the risk of total hyperthermia.


1. Com. Display
2. Stop/Du
3. Start/Up
4. Drain Display
5. Power
6. Display Time
7. Display Temp
8. Water Level Display
9. Temp. button
10. Heater Display
11. Water in
12. Light button
13. Drain button
14. Light Display
15. Time button

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