Sauna Bath

Being a dynamic company our intention is to design quality sauna and steam bath equipment. To ensure that our customers are benefited, we assist them with qualitative range of products.

Our steam and sauna equipment are made using qualitative electronic components, SS covers, and other allied materials, which can be availed in customized options. Our range of products adds an aesthetic touch to modular baths, along with this it also helps in relaxing and rejuvenating the stressed muscles. Sauna bath provides warmth and high humidity massage to the skin, which increase the blood circulation. Increased blood circulation provides relaxation to the body.

Infrared Sauna Bath

Infrared sauna - Far Infrared is a completely safe form of natural light energy and essential for all living things. Infrared Radiation is shown to induce 2-3 times the sweat volume of traditional heat and steam saunas, with a lot less discomfort, and the sweat contains more toxins from the deeper fatty tissue layers below the skin. Our flagship product Infrared Sauna not only provide unlimited health benefits but also offer a completely rejuvenating experience in just 20 minutes. It is a very Eco friendly and energy saving equipment and very easy to run and maintain it.

Far infrared saunas provide the following health benefits:

• Better Circulation and Increased Energy • Weight Loss Aid • Maintain Cardiovascular Health • Speed Recovery from Injuries • Detoxification • Stress Reduction & Relaxation • Skin Beauty • Improved Immune System

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Traditional Sauna Bath

Traditional Sauna - Soothing the mind and body, a sauna, increases blood flow circulation bringing nutrients to subcutaneous and surface tissue resulting in a glowing healthy skin, regulates metabolism, promotes the natural healing process eventuating quicker recoveries from fatigue and injury etc. Likewise, granting the pleasure of stretching out, relaxing and completely cleansing yourself.

Specification - Sauna Room is constructed using a frame work 35mm x 50mm pine wood cross sections at a distance of 450mm x 450mm (c/c).The entire surface is covered with 25 mm thick resin bonded high- density glass wool wrapped in aluminum foil. The entire frame is sealed with water proof, the inside of the sauna room is then covered on all six sides (including floor& roof) By 12 mm x 95 mm & For Floor & Bench 18 mm x 95 mm pine wood strips using tongue & groove joints. Louvers are provided for balanced ventilation.

Note: The temperature in the sauna should be between 60-100ºc with very dry air inside, allowing perspiration to quickly evaporate.

Upon entering the sauna, the body is warmed in the hot environment and perspiration increases. Exiting the heat and chilling the body in cold water after the sauna is an inseparable part of the sauna experience. It cleans out poisons from the body and of course, it is a mentally and physically relaxing experience.

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