Fitting Accessories

Every swimming pool, regardless of size, shape, model of type requires a swimming pool pump & a swimming pool filter. These two pieces of swimming pool equipment work together to circulate your pool water (helping to distribute sanitizers & other chemicals), and to filter out dirt, debris & fine particulates from the pool water (keeping the water sparkling clear & clean). Without a pump & filter, pool water would quickly become cloudy, unsanitary & full of algae and other potentially harmful bacteria. Uncirculated water can also become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other disease-carrying insects.

There are other types of pool equipment that while not required, can certainly make your swimming pool much more enjoyable to use, and less time-consuming & costly to operate. By understanding what the various types of equipment do, you can help decide which are necessary for your swimming pool, and which are not. Have questions about swimming pool equipment? Give the Pool Experts at Specialty Pool Products a call .

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