Fiber Glass Swimming Pool

These Swimming pools made by fiberglass with gel coat system. Easy to install long lasting, smooth finish and also customized design. These pools are best for Residential purpose. Fiberglass pools are economically sensible, and because they are so easy to maintain, bring a lot of fun and family enjoyment to your summers, and a lot less worry about what has to be done. One of the real attractions of Fiberglass swimming pools is their short installation time. Fiberglass pools are pre-manufactured and customized to suit conditions. Fiberglass swimming pool having effective anti slippery smooth design on floor, so when dirt that settles to the bottom slowly eased toward the main drains where it is easily removed, or just runs through the filter. These Pools are very close to "maintenance free" swimming pool. The advancements in gel coats and resins have created a modern day swimming pool that is incredibly strong, flexible, UV resistant, and easy to own. The old myth that a fiberglass swimming pool can’t survive in climates that are simply not true. In fact the fiberglass swimming pool has much more ability to flex in weather conditions and ice/heat does not damage the surface like we have seen in vinyl liner construction. The initial cost of installing a fiberglass pool will be higher than a concrete swimming pool; however, the cost of one liner replacement in Panel Swimming pool almost repays the initial cost difference.

Model No.- H.P.10, Size: 22'X10'4'5" & 18'X10'X4'5"

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Model No.- H.P.11, Size: 20'X8'4'5" & 16'X8'X4'5"

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Model No.- H.P.12, Size: 24'X10'4'5"

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Fiberglass swimming pools are the quickest to construct and weather does not affect on their shell. Fiber Glass Pools are tough and flexible. Any type of impact damage on Fiberglass swimming pools can be easily repaired on site. Fiberglass shell resists algae growth, the shell is a better insulator, and the structure never needs liner replacements or resurfacing like liner and concrete pools. Fiberglass swimming pools have great molds configurations. Just like today’s hot tubs the molds that create the swimming pool designs are very luxurious. None of other swimming pool construction method has better design options. Fiberglass pools have the best feel on your feet when you are in the water. The shells feel very solid and anti skid. Anti Skid Design on pool surface makes the entry Pool very safe and gives the user confidence while using the pool.

Some of the other silent features also shown why fiberglass pools are so popular, and demand continues to rise.

Safe and aesthetic design
Jacuzzi and Air jet Systems
Inbuilt filtration system
stick to the walls
Inbuilt waves system
required for Installation

Steps and sitting area can be made inside the pool
Anti slippery floor surface.
Low Chemical Requirements

Algae won’t
Lesser time