Bath Cabin

A shower enclosure is no longer just a square or rectangular stall. Now they, certainly have the power to transform an average bathroom into a real modern luxury oasis.

Stunning style and thoughtful practically characterize this shower enclosure series. Offering an unobstructed views of your surroundings as you shower these enclosures Optimize space utilization, block the water better keeping your floors drier. Available in a variety of different versions they can be combined with many different shower bases. So, make the most of your bathroom with these elegant and essentials bathroom convention.

• Powder Coating Aluminum with Acrylic Sheet
• Powder Coating with 5mm Toughened Glass
• Frame Less Cabin with 10mm Toughened Glass Kolf or Ozone Fitting

Specification- Bath Cabin are fabricated/constructed as per the decor, style & luxuries one wants to have. Steam room is not air tight but they are steam leakage free.

• Bath Cabin is fabricated with powder coated color Aluminum sections with 3mm Acrylic Sheet/ 5mm toughened glass & EPDM rubber beading.
• Bath Cabin Frameless is made using 10mm thick clear toughened glass, wall to glass hinges or glass to glass.
• Hinges(as reuired), glass clamps+ channels, magnetic seals+ glass seals, a towel bar cum door handle is provided.
• Bath Cabin Ceiling is fixed using aluminum channels for framework or Composite Panels glass ceiling is provided where ever required of found suitable.